Hi, I'm Nick

I’m a passionate developer with an eye for design that also plays trumpet, takes a few photos, and loves Jesus Christ.

My Story

This is My Story

Finding My Passion

Finding your passion is a life long journey that some people never have the chance to fulfill. I firmly believe that our hearts already know what we want to do, but the journey to find that passion only makes sense to the brain when we are looking back at all the steps we took to get there. These are the steps I have taken to get to the point of where I am now. Ever sense I can remember, I always loved to build things. As a child I would always build stuff with what ever I could put my hands on, from big cardboard blocks, legos to link-in-logs. I would always get so invested in my buildings I would put hours and hours into them and not even know that time went by. This passion really occupied me for a while at least until I found the creative outlet of playing the trumpet.

"One of the ways I believe people express their appreciations to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there"

- Steve Jobs

"Look up to God. Look forward to your family. Chase your hero, which is you 10 years from now."

- Matthew McConaughey

Making music really solidified my passion for making something with a group of people that could not have been done individually and that passion really comes out when the people I am making something with has the same immense passion for excellence. Even when I was not playing with the best group I was always preparing for it. I was lucky enough to be able to play with fantastic ensembles throughout my musical career and reach all the way up to play with one of the nation’s best high school honor bands my senior year in high school. Being able to play with those ensembles did not come easy either, which is where my work ethic comes in. I deeply believe it is my God given talent to have an incredible work ethic for the pursuit of excellence.

But software development really came into my life in high school when I took classes with my all time favorite teacher ever, Mr. Lindler. Software development provided the same structure and building rules the legos had earlier but software is much more forgiving and less costly to screw up in real time. Which ended up allowing more creativity for the end product. So now I am taking the structure of Lego’s and the creativity of music and putting it into making high quality software. But where does the love for making things with other passionate people come in?

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."

- Romans 8:18 (NIV)

"I will do what I can when I can so that when I cannot I will not wish that I would have when I could have"

- Dabo Swinney

Well, while learning about different things we can make, I have had the opportunity to be apart of those passionate groups. The first was building a website for a Boy Scout summer camp that we entered in a contest that no one from our high school have even tried before and got ranked 7th nationally. Then I was given the opportunity to completely remake the Tiger Band website with two other fantastic people, and give back to the band community which had already shown me a home. Most recently, my time at BMW as a full stack developer as my mentor, Aaron Ross, showed me different techniques to make websites in a fluid and reusable way with React and I instantly fell in love with it. So I guess I love making high quality things with an insurmountable work ethic and other people that deeply care about the end product, which is pretty awesome and would not have it any other way. Praise God.